The Association of Students in Exchange with Asia (ASEA) is pleased to announce that this year the students of the Master’s Degree in Management and International Commerce – Exchanges with Asia organize a couple of events in the framework of the International and Multidisciplinary Conference
THE RISE OF ASIA IN GLOBAL HISTORY AND PERSPECTIVE, taking place at Université Le Havre Normandie:

  1. The yearly Asia Conference, called  »The Rise of Asia » – March 14th – Paris; Marche 15th-16th – Le Havre
  2. This year’s addition: Student Forum in Asian Studies – March 15th-16th

For further information, please, check below.

1) Call for papers du colloque THE RISE OF ASIA in English ->  the_rise_of_asia-cfpp_logos-updated
2) Appel à communications du colloque LA MONTEE DE L’ASIE en Français ->student_forum-call_for_participation-1

3) Appel à participation de votre STUDENT FORUM IN ASIAN STUDIES -> student_forum-call_for_participation-1